What is HD-SDI CCTV?

With the greater adoption of HD (High Definition) TV viewing at home, why reduce your expectations when viewing your CCTV system?!

Until recently, the choice for implementing a CCTV system was between the much simpler to install and modestly priced analogue based system versus the more complex, higher priced HD IP system. Whilst both systems present distinct advantages and drawbacks for installers and users, the introduction of HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) technology offers a new market with great opportunities and competitively priced SDI equipment.

With a 1080P resolution rate offering a greater picture quality, switching to 720P will enable greater recording times.

The full range of HD-SDI DVRs can be found at http://rfconcepts.co.uk/hd-sdi-cctv/hd-dvrs.html


Benefits to HD-SDI Systems

With a large number of companies currently possessing existing coaxial cabling in place through the adoption of present analogue based systems, upgrading to HD-SDI technologies offers a less expensive form of gaining high quality images than the complex IP based systems.

In addition, HD-SDI systems are resistant to IP network interruptions and with close to zero latency (lag), smooth movements are captured, an ideal solution for banks or casinos where maintaining consistent detail is critical.

Furthermore, the simple plug and play installation enables even a CCTV novice the ability to install a fully operational system without the intricate configuration and networking skills required with IP systems.



Utilising high quality coaxial cables during installation will limit interference and the likelihood of receiving poor performance with your new HD-SDI system.

Other accessories include an HD-SDI repeater will deliver viewing over longer distances or an HD-SDI to HDMI converter 


The following image shows at a glance, the clarity and immediate benefits upgrading your current analogue system to HD-SDI can offer.


[Courtesy of YouTube – Ultimate Digital Video]