VIVOTEK has innovatively designed a series of Daisy-chain PoE cameras, including the IB8367-R, IB8367-RT and IB8338-HR, which enable a surveillance system to be extended up to 300 meters without the need for additional power supplies.

Vivotek PoE

Please note that when adopting this series of products and extending the range of a surveillance system, CAT5e & CAT6 Ethernet cables compliant with 3P/ETL standards are highly recommended.

CAT5e & CAT6 cabling products using Copper Clad Aluminium ( CCA ) and Copper Clad Steel ( CCS ) not compliant with 3P/ETL standards will cause overheating of cables, resulting in higher wattage consumption. In this situation, the power supply will become unstable for cameras daisy-chained over a long-distance, especially when deployed up to the maximum 300 meter range.

Again, it is highly recommended to use STANDARD CAT5e & CAT6 cables which are compliant with the 3P/ETL standard.

More details are available through the VIVOTEK website (