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CCTV Cameras

Cameras CCTV - CCTV cameras for all applications. RF Concepts supply CCTV cameras for all CCTV surveillance and security systems, bullet cams, dome, vandal-proof, covert, infra-red and waterproof cameras.

We also have dedicated IP Camera section.

  • Day-Night / IR LEDs Cams

    Day-Night / IR LEDs Cams

    Cameras will require reasonable light to operate. The use of IR will assist to enable a good picture in darkness. Unfortunately,…

  • Bullet Camera

    Bullet Camera

    We have an extensive range of quality bullet cameras, Indoor, Pinhole, and Waterproof (some submersible). Colour High res Sony S…

  • C/CS Lens Cameras

    C/CS Lens Cameras

    Cameras known as BODY TYPE - Allow fuction change and fit range of lenses. Can be fitted in outdoor housings Cameras will accept…

  • Dome Camera

    Dome Camera

    We also have a dedicated Dome Camera section This displays the full range of dome cameras and accessories Please go to Do…

  • IR LED Cameras

    IR LED Cameras

    IR LEDS are used to provide light in dark conditions. The light is invisible to the eye. in darkness under IR light cameras will…

  • Marine-Environment Cameras

    Marine-Environment Cameras

    Waterproof, submersible cameras for drains, swimming pools, boats, etc

  • MINI Camera

    MINI Camera

    Day-Night CCTV cameras must have reasonable light to show a picture. Low light BW is always better, then BW, then EXVIEW colour…

  • Modules - Board Cameras

    Modules - Board  Cameras

    Board cameras of the highest quality. Selection of board cameras, CS mount board camera, Pinhole board camera, and lowlight mod…

  • Number Plate Camera

    Number Plate Camera

    Number Plate Cameras for business large and small.

  • Pinhole Cameras

    Pinhole Cameras

    Superb high quality pinhole cameras for discreet CCTV surveillance.

  • PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom

    PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom

    Check out our range of the latest Pan Tilt and Zoom Dome cameras and Speedomes. See range of IP PTZ Cameras >> http://rfc…

  • Smart Home Cameras

    Smart Home Cameras

    Smart Home style cameras. Very easy to connect to Wi-Fi. Monitor on PC, mobile or ipad, etc.Excellent picture. Includes 2 way au…

  • Sony Starvis Low Light

    Sony Starvis Low Light

    The STARVIS is back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors for surveillance camera applications. It featu…

  • Submersible cameras

    Submersible cameras

    Waterproof CCTV cameras all all types. Waterproof BW camera, low light, IR, and cameras with white light LEDs.

  • White light camera

    White light camera

    Waterproof CCTV cameras fitted with LEDs showing white light.

  • Zoom cameras

    Zoom cameras

    Zoom Cameras - up to 264x magnificatio

  • Specialty Cameras

     Specialty Cameras

    Specialty Cameras such a number plate reading camera, alarm cameras, etc

  • AHD - High Definition

    AHD - High Definition

    Please go to our specialised HD Section>> for AHD Cameras and AHD DVRs Most of our cameras are 4-1 and easily chan…

  • HD-SDI - Hi Definition

    HD-SDI - Hi Definition

    HD CCTV allows HD quality using exsiting cabling and intrastructure. This use existing Co-Ax Cabling. It does require a dedica…

  • TVI - High Definition

    TVI - High Definition

    Please go to our specialised HD Section>> for TVI Cameras an TVI DVRs Most of our cameras are 4-1 and easily changed…