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Hikvision ColorVu-Low Light

 View in Colour, Even in Darkness!

Hikvision ColorVu, EasyIP 4.0 cameras provide bright colour video images 24/7, in low light environments, including those with zero light. The EasyIP 4.0 ColorVu cameras have round the clock colour-boosting abilities and being powered by an F1.0 super aperture offers a more advanced sensor, with warm supplemental lighting and a range of other technologies. Hikvison ColorVu cameras are the ideal solution for supporting protection against security breaches, whether they happen day or night.


Our Hikvision ColorVu cameras are ideal when paired with the Hikvision AcuSense recorders, minimising false alarms by up to 90% and speeding up target searches.

Hikvision ColorVu Camera


Conventional CCTV Camera Versus Hikvision ColorVu Camera

Benefits to Using Full Colour Video Include:

  • True Colour Information
    • Accurate colour rendering
    • Excellent low light performance
  • More Details
    • Clearly captured colour information and superior details than those caught on traditional black and white imaging
  • Better Visual Exeperience
    • Balanced brightness
    • F1.0 super aperature and advanced sensor guarentee realistic rendering

Hikvision ColorVu Versus Conventional CCTV Camera

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