Hikvision ColorVu

Hikvision ColorVu: View in Colour, Even in Darkness!

Hikvision ColorVu cameras provide bright, colour imaging 24/7.


ColorVu's features are largely due to the breakthrough of 2 hardware technologies: advanced lenses & high performance sensors. Coupled with supplimental light for extremely dark scenarios, these cameras make the ideal solution for supporting protection against security breaches, whether they happen day or night!


When using conventional CCTV cameras with IR (infrared) lighting to monitor vehicles, people etc, some important details can be easily missed and blend into the background as only black and white images are rendered. ColorVu technology makes for the ideal security solution for scenarios where colour related information is crucial, e.g. the colour of someones clothing or a car. ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colorful details when you need them. 

RF Concepts stock a range of ColorVu cameras, including 4 megapixel IP with POE facility and 2 megapixel HD. Why not pair a ColorVu camera with a Hikvision AcuSense recorder to minimise false alarms by up to 90%, helping to speed up target searches. 

  Hikvision ColorVu


Where Can I Use ColorVu?

The ColorVu range are perfect for any area in which 24/7, coloured surveillance can be benefical, especially those with limited light.


ColorVu make the ideal security solution for either homes or apartments with low light areas which can be a potential risk to navigate in the dark, such as walkways or stairwells. They also make a great solution for small businesses covering entrances and exits, including hallways or loading docks, where left or other crimes may occur, protecting employees, customers and your assets.


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