Hikvision HeatPro


What is Hikvision HeatPro?


Hikvision are constantly producing new technologies and products to protect end users from potential threats. The HeatPro series thermal cameras does exactly that, making the IR “visible”, so users can “see” targets regardless of the light or weather conditions. At a competitive cost and high performance, these cameras are ideal for both residential and commercial industries. They are particularly beneficial in areas where overheating may occur and result in fire, including warehouses and factories, particularly those with flammable materials or carparks, especially those with e-charging parking areas.

The benefit to a thermal camera is that they can sense an object’s heat radiation and capture images 24/7, irrespective of environmental factors such as darkness, lowlight, strong backlight, etc.

With the thermal module, these cameras allow users to easily locate objects and potential threats that are otherwise invisible to conventional, optical cameras. Thermal cameras don’t emit visible light, and so are better concealed when they are required to be hidden.

Embedded with deep learning algorithms, HeatPro cameras accurately identify humans and vehicles, even when they overlap or when they are in challenging environments. The focus on critical targets greatly increases alarm accuracy.


The main features of the Hikvision HeatPro, temperature detection and fire prevention cameras are:

Temperatures Visualized

Visualized temperature measurement helps double-check for problems and improves efficiency

Early Detection and Warning

Monitor temperature changes and trigger pre-alarms before a fire occurs to prevent damage

Support for Flexible Rules & Alarms

Support flexible rule settings and alarms of high temperature, low temperature, and temperature difference


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