We will match any price and spec*

We have a price match promise on all of our CCTV cameras. The price match is our promise to you that you don't need to shop for CCTV products anywhere else. 

Our price match ensures that you get the best CCTV product at the lowest possible price anywhere in the UK or Ireland.


*Terms and Conditions

You are eligible for a price-match discount if you say yes to the following points.

  • RF Concepts Price Match applies only to UK and Ireland internet retailers that have the identical product and/or goods in stock or service immediately available (not on request) and the product, goods and/or service is priced accurately.
  • Price match requests must be submitted with valid proof of the other products price and spec, sent as a link to the product via email.
  • To qualify, we must be satisfied that both products are identical and specification are identical and you have found is actually available to buy as one package on the same website.

When submitting a price match, please be aware that prices will be compared on the following criteria:

  • Prices are compared on product price and when calculating the competitor's total price comparisons will include the cost of the product plus handling and delivery charges.
  • Price match does not apply when you use coupons/vouchers or other promotional offers on the alternative website.
  • Price match guarantee is subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time and is only available to purchases made in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Price match submission enquiries should be sent via live chat or emailed to [email protected]
You do not need to shop anywhere else for CCTV!